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Shao Qiwei met with John Phillip Key, Prime M
2009-04-21 09:52:23

On April 15, Shao Qiwei (Chairman of China National Tourism Administration) met John Phillip Key, visiting Prime ...



On April 15, Shao Qiwei (Chairman of China National Tourism Administration) met  John Phillip Key, visiting Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism of New Zealand in Beijing and his entourage. In a cordial and friendly atmosphere, the two parties exchanged views on such matters as strengthening the cooperation relationship between the two countries in tourism, expansion of tourism cooperation areas, etc.


On behalf of the China National Tourism Administration, Shao Qiwei extended a warm welcome to Prime Minister John Phillip Key for his visiting, and gave introduction to the latest development of Chinese tourism industry. Shao Qiwei said that the tourism business of Chinese citizens’ package tour to New Zealand would usher in 10th anniversary in May 2009. Thanks to the execution and implementation of China-New Zealand Tourism Cooperation Memorandum, the two countries have laid a favorable foundation for cooperation in tourism industry. Tourism exchanges between China and New Zealand have played an active role in promoting non-governmental exchanges between the two countries, strengthening economic and trade cooperation and upgrading mutual understanding and friendship.


John Phillip Key expressed gratitude for the warm welcome by the Chinese counterparty. He said that beautiful natural scenery of the ancient capital Beijing had imprinted a deep impression on him, and he believed that more and more New Zealanders will go to sightseeing and travelling in China. China-New Zealand Tourism Cooperation Memorandum signed by the two countries ten years ago had opened a new chapter for the tourism cooperation between the two countries. As China is the fourth largest tourist origin country, New Zealand attaches great importance to the potential of Chinese tourism market. With “Shanghai” as the key area, tourism resources of New Zealand have been promoted and publicized. John Phillip Key wished the tourism industry between the two countries would continue to strengthen mutual exchanges, and further develop bilateral tourism market.


When it came to further strengthening friendly cooperation in tourism between the two countries, Shao Qiwei put forward three proposals. Firstly, the tourism sectors between the two countries should continue to strengthen communication, and mechanism of regular face-to-face meetings should be established. Secondly, bilateral promotion and cooperation in tourism marketing should be strengthened, and more efforts should be made for promotion and publicity. As China is a country with a vast territory, the Chinese party welcomes New Zealand counterparty to launch promotion and publicity in Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and other developed areas. Thirdly, both China and New Zealand should attach importance to standardizing the tourism market order, improve the quality of tourism services, and safeguard tourists’ security. As Shao Qiwei pointed out, tourism is a “people-oriented” industry. As standardized operation, orderly development and emergency relief in tourism market are of particular significance, both parties should make concerted efforts to emerge as cooperation models of outbound tourist destinations for Chinese citizens. John Phillip Key agreed and expressed his willingness to further strengthen the cooperation in these areas. Subsequently, he also invited Shao Qiwei to visit New Zealand at his convenience.


On the afternoon of April 15, China and New Zealand will execute Dialogues on Tourism Issues and Arrangements for Cooperation between China and New Zealand, which aims to play a driving role for promoting closer cooperation relationship in tourism industry between the two countries.


New Zealand officials attending this meeting included Pansy Wong (Minister of Ethnic Affairs and Women’s Affairs of New Zealand), Tony Browne (New Zealander Ambassador to China) and officials from New Zealand Prime Minister’s Office, etc.; Chinese officials included Wang Zhifa (Vice Chairman of China National Tourism Administration), Du Jiang  (Vice Chairman of China National Tourism Administration), Zhang Limin (Chinese Ambassador to New Zealand), persons in charge of relevant departments and offices of China National Tourism Administration, etc.


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