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Sub-forum on Tourism of BFA 2009 Held — Shao Qiwei delivers the keynote Speech
2009-04-22 16:56:43

On the afternoon of April 19, Sub-forum on Tourism of BFA 2009 was convened on the theme of International Touri...

On the afternoon of April 19, Sub-forum on Tourism of BFA 2009 was convened on the theme of “International Tourism Industry amid Finacial Crisis”. CNTA chairman Shao Qiwei delivered a wonderful speech entitled “Crisis, Opportunity, Confidence, Responsibility — Impact of Financial Crisis on the Development of China’s Tourism Industry. The assistant secretary general of the U. N. World Tourism Organization Geoffrey Lipman, head of Japanese Tourism Agency Mr Yoshiaki Honpo, Secretary general of Thai Ministery of Sports and Tourism Suvit Yodmani, and Deputy Governors of Hainan Province Jiang Sixian and Chencheng attended the forum.


Shao Qiwei remarked that China is growing into the world’s largest domestic tourism market. We have maintained a steady and fast economic growth under the forceful leadership of the government, which launched a series of consumption policies to extend domestic demand and proved to be particularly effective. In the 1st quarter of this year, national economy saw positive changes, thus creating a favorable environment for the development of tourism industry on the whole. The ongoing rapid increase in tourism consumption that fuels China’s tourism industry keeps it with strong momentum.

Shao Qiwei further introduced China’s proactive countermeasures against the global economic downturn: creating and cultivating appealing tourism products to exploit the huge potential market, and expore the international market by staging a gobal promotion plan; making feasible plans to recover the tourism industry in the earthquake-torn areas and giving support to the regions with natural advantages in their pilot scheme of releasing tourism consumption coupons; helping enterprises to overcome difficulties and improving the alarm and monitering system in tourism economy. In addition, the government is also busy studing and testing the National Citizen Travel & Leisure Plan based on the popular application of paid holidays, as well as preparing measures and policies such as national tourist routes to give full play to the dual roles of tourism in extending domestic needs and improve livelihood.

“To promote China’s tourism economy, in some sense, is to make contributions to the global tourism economy. As the biggest developing country and one of the major tourism countries in the world, China is confident to embrace good prospects in tourism sector,”commented Shao Qiwei. Shao also mentioned that China is ready to tide over tough times side by side with other countries and regions and achieve a win-win result in times of economic prosperity; and to actively probe and establish all kinds of regional tourism cooperative mechanisms with an aim to push the world tourism economy to a new high.


When it comes to Hainai Province, a renowned island abundant with tourism resources, Shao pointed out that as tourism industry is the pillar industry of the biggest special economic zone of China, Hainai province should make good use of her unique natural and cultural resources as well as the existing and potential favorable policies promulgated by the Central Government, to deepen its reform and opening-up and to transfer her natural and cultural treasures into economic edges.

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