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The 5th Cross-Strait Travel Fair Opens in Xiamen
2009-09-08 14:24:48

On the night of Sep. 6, the 5th Cross-Strait Travel Fair themed Cross-Strait Tourism, Cooperation and Win-Win was...



On the night of Sep. 6, the 5th Cross-Strait Travel Fair themed “Cross-Strait Tourism, Cooperation and Win-Win” was solemnly opened at Xiamen International Conference & Exhibition Center. This Fair held after the promulgation of Several Opinions on Supporting Fujian Province to Accelerate the Construction of West Strait Economic Zone by the State Council and on the occasion of the 1st anniversary of permitting mainland residents to travel to Taiwan, aims to deepen the cross-strait tourism exchange and cooperation between mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and build the brand of “cross-strait tour”.


The 5th Cross-Strait Travel Fair was organized by CNTA and Fujian Provincial People’s Government and co-organized by the tourism institutions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao. The leaders attending the opening ceremony included Lu Zhangong, Secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee, Shao Qiwei, Chairman of CNTA, Huang Xiaojing, Governor of Fujian Province, Liang Qiping, Chairman of Fujian Provincial CPPCC, Liu Dezhang, Secretary and Vice-Director of Party Leadership Group, Fujian Provincial CPC Standing Committee, and Du Jiang, Vice-Chairman of CNTA. Shao Qiwei declared the Fair open. Huang Xiaojing and Dujiang successively delivered their speeches. And Vice-Governor of Fujian Province Hong Jiexu presided over the opening ceremony.

In his speech, Du Jiang said that the cross-strait travel fair had been successfully held for four times and with the joint efforts and active participation of relevant tourism industries, it had become a featured platform for mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to share resource and information, achieve mutual benefit and conduct mechanism interaction, as well as a bridge for domestic and foreign tourism industries to deepen cooperation; not long ago, Several Opinions on Supporting Fujian Province to Accelerate the Construction of West Strait Economic Zone was promulgated by the State Council, and several days ago, the cross-strait regular direct flight was launched, both of which laid a solid foundation for the successful holding of this Fair and opened broad room for cross-strait tourism exchange and cooperation.

Du Jiang pointed out that, the cross-strait tourism exchange and cooperation had entered a new period of two-way interaction; in the face of the new situation, the tourism industries across the strait should firmly grasp opportunities, follow the philosophy of frank cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win, reinforce confidence, and jointly create harmony and seek for development, so as to make new contributions to the closer exchange between the compatriots across the strait, the recovery of cross-strait economic development and regional tourism as well as the peaceful development of cross-strait relationship.

Du Jiang indicated that CNTA would provide guidance to Fujian Province to fully bring into play its unique geographic advantages, support Fujian Province to accelerate the construction of West Strait Economic Zone, and create a “large tourism economic circle” covering mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan with a broader perspective for the four places to develop high-end products, jointly participate in international competition and promote mutual resource supplementation and customer resource sharing, so as to enhance overall strength and competitiveness, build this area into an important natural and cultural tour area, and construct east and west strait zones to be world-class tourism destinations.

Huang Xiaojing said that, the popularity, function and influence of the cross-strait travel fair had been continuously reinforced since it was held for the first time and it had become an important window for quality products recommendation, an important channel for merchants invitation and investment attraction as well as an important platform for exchange and cooperation; it was expected that the tourism industries in mainland, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan could take advantage of this platform to deepen cooperation and cement friendship. 
It was reported that the Fair would last from Sep. 6 to 11, which was held at the same period and venue with the 13th China International Fair for Investment & Trade that was opened on Sep. 8. The representatives and tourism traders from the tourism institutions across the strait as well as Hong Kong and Macao would attend quality tourism products exhibition, tourism promotion meeting, cross-strait “1+1” tourism negotiation conference, signing ceremonies of important tourism projects and other activities. Apart from the representatives from the main tourism institutions in Taiwan and the tourism industry in Jinmapeng area, the representatives from south and middle parts of Taiwan also attended the Fair.

It was reported that this Fair made breakthroughs in both exhibition mode innovation and exhibition activity form. For example, a separate exhibition area was arranged for the tour route products offered by tourism enterprises and on-site transaction was tried for the first time at mainland tourism exhibition. As to participants, there were tourism enterprises specializing in golf, motor home, luxury yacht and mobile frame house apart from large tourism enterprises as well as the top 100 domestic tourism agencies and tourism hotels.

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