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Shao Qiwei Inspects Xiamen’s Preparation Work
2009-09-09 12:53:44

On September 7, Shao Qiwei, Chairman of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and Director of the National...

On September 7, Shao Qiwei, Chairman of China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and Director of the National Holiday Office, visited Xiamen, Fujian Province, and inspected the preparation work for tourism during the National Day Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival. During the inspection, Shao pointed out that local government agencies should consider ensuring the safety in holiday tourism as the most important task, and carry out their work in accordance with the Notice by the CPC Central Committee’s General Office and the State Council on Ensuring Excellent Execution of Work around the 2009 National Day Holiday.


Guided by Hong Jiexu, Governor of Fujian Province, Shao Qiwei inspected some corporations in Xiamen. After listening to the work report on the preparation for tourism in the National Day Holiday and Mid-Autumn Festival, Shao Qiwei said that this year’s holiday features longer period, more celebrations and more travelers, and there are many uncertain factors that may influence the safety in the holiday tourism. Coordination organizations for holiday tourism at all levels should plan, arrange and start their work at an early date, and strengthen leadership, improve service, specify responsibility and work in a practical manner.


Shao said there may be a surge in the number of tourists at certain time and in certain tourist attractions, so local government agencies should improve information service, guide tourism companies to provide excellent services, and advise tourist to make reasonable travel plans. Shao Qiwei set out five requirements concerning the tourism work during this year’s National Day Holiday and Mid-Autumn Day. Firstly, ensure safety. Safety should always be put in the first place. Relevant departments should strengthen precautionary measures during high-risk periods and solve problems timely, so as to ensure that no serious accidents happen in terms of traffic, social order, food and health. Secondly, maintain order. Relevant departments should strengthen market supervision during the holiday, strictly reinforce the laws, and give harsh punishments to market order offenders. Thirdly, provide high quality services. Public holidays provide an opportunity for assessing the quality of service of tourism departments. So these departments should strengthen management, combine management with service, and ensure that excellent services are provided to the tourists. Fourthly, enrich products. The local market place should be enriched with all sorts of products, so as to meet the consumption needs of the people. Fifthly, specify responsibilities. Holiday Offices at all levels should perform their duty, specify responsibilities. In particular, these offices should specify the responsibilities of tourism-related companies, supervisory departments and government leaders.


Shao Qiwei stressed coordination organizations for holiday tourism should examine and supervise the implementation of the work that has been assigned, in order to ensure that the people will have a safe, festive and happy holiday. On behalf of the National Tourism Administration, Shao sent his regards to all the cadres and staff working on the frontline of the tourism services.

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