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Shao Qiwei Meets with WTTC President Baumgarten
2010-01-08 14:35:17

On Jan. 5, CNTA Chairman Shao Qiwei met with WTTC President Baumgarten in Beijing.Shao Qiwei observed that since...

On Jan. 5, CNTA Chairman Shao Qiwei met with WTTC President Baumgarten in Beijing.

Shao Qiwei observed that since the global financial crisis broke out, China’s tourism industry has retained stable development. Domestic and out-bound tourism keep growing, while in-bound tourism shows decrease. Recently, the State Council’s Opinions on Speeding up the Development of the Tourism Industry was formally promulgated, positioning tourism industry as a strategic pillar industry of the national economy, and a modern service industry ready to better satisfy the people. Given the unprecedented development opportunity, China’s tourism industry is willing to strengthen cooperation with its world counterparts, and push forward tourism development worldwide with concerted efforts.
Baumgarten said that the promulgation of the Opinions has fully demonstrated that the Chinese government attaches great importance to the tourism industry. We appreciate highly China’s tremendous efforts for the industry, which is unique throughout the world. The 10th Conference organized by WTTC is to be held in Beijing in May, which will grant another excellent opportunity for China and Beijing to promote their images across the world.


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