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Li Changchun Inspects “Expo Tour Caravans in Revolutionary Bases” Campaign
2010-04-06 11:17:28

On March 29, Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee...

On March 29, Li Changchun, member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, inspected the “Expo Tour Caravans in Revolutionary Bases” campaign as he visited Xi Baipo, Hebei Province.

During the campaign, Li Changchun shook hands with the crew of the caravan convoy and asked them about the details of the campaign. “Shanghai World Expo is a great opportunity to promote China and propel its development,” he said, “it is an effective way to boost tourism industry through Shanghai World Expo. With the help of Expo promotion, culture and tourism should be developed in tandem because culture is the soul of tourism while tourism is the carrier of culture.”


Li Changchun visited and talked warmly with ten local party members and model workers invited to the campaign. “As their life improves, more people can afford to travel around,” he pointed out, “many of them will join the Red Tourism around China, which spreads the glorious revolutionary tradition, boosts the development of revolutionary bases and improves people’s life in these areas.”


Students from Hezuo Road Primary School of Shi Jiazhuang and Hope Primary School of Xi Baipo displayed to Li Changchun their 7.2-meter-long hand-painted scroll titled “Greetings to World Expo”, which sent the beautiful wishes of the children to Shanghai World Expo.

Li Changchun showed his concerns over Red Tourism and spoke highly of the development trend of Red Tourism. “Red Tourism should be developed by the rules of tourism industry,” he stressed, “it should be properly planned. A plan should be carefully made on the Red Tourism development for the next phase to speed up carrying out the protection project for Red Culture, enrich the content of Red Tourism, explore its implicature and boost its healthy, sustainable development.”


The accompanying leaders included Chairman of China National Tourism Administration Shao Qiwei, Vice-Chairman Zhu Shanzhong, Deputy Minister of Publicity and Minister of Culture Cai Wu, Director of Peoples’ Daily Zhang Yannong, Director of General Administration of Press and Publication Liu Binjie, Director of Xinhua News Agency Li Congjun, Deputy Minister of Publicity Sun Zhijun, Vice-Director of State Administration of Ratio Film and Television Zhang Haitao, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Heibei Provincial Committee, Secretary General of the Shi Jiazhuang Municipal Committee Che Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hebei Provincial Committee, Vice-Director of Department of Publicity of Hebei Nie Chenxi and Vice Governor of Hebei Sun Shibin, etc.


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