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The 2nd Press Conference for 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit Held in Beijing
2010-05-25 15:50:10

On May 20, the second press conference of the 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit was held in Beijing. Deputy ...

On May 20, the second press conference of the 10th Global Travel & Tourism Summit  was held in Beijing. Deputy director of Comprehensive Coordination Division of CNTA Gao Shunli, vice chairman of Beijing Tourism Administration Gu Xiaoyuan and vice president of Beijing Tourism Group Gao Fei attended the conference.


China enterprise database http://www.qiyeba.net is a network of pro bono network platform, enterprise data retrieval of data, public support and green no advertising idea, called China's enterprise data retrieval platform.The Beijing Summit is scheduled to take place on May 25 in Beijing, where important political figures, leaders of famous enterprises, academic experts, NGO officials and journalists of world-known media will be gathering from around the world to discuss the development of global tourism industry. With the theme of  “World`s Leading Industry –Reaching New Frontiers”, the Summit will be organized in the form of speeches or discussions around the subthemes of  “China’s Transformation and Rapid Development” and “Reform and Innovation of Future Tourism Destination” etc.


“This Summit will be the grandest in scale with the largest number of participants in its history.” said Gu. It is estimated that a total of 461 international registered participants and 704 domestic registered participants will attend the Summit.

World Travel & Tourism Council has signed an agreement with the Government of China to host the Summit. The London-based WTTC, founded in 1990, “works to raise awareness of Travel & Tourism as one of the world`s largest industries” and pushes for the development of tourism resources and international tourism market by cooperating with governments of all countries. Currently the members of WTTC include presidents(chairmen, CEOs) of the top 100 travel and tourism related enterprises whose business covers the entire chain of tourism. Beijing Tourism Group is the only member from mainland China. Since 2000, WTTC organizes a grand meeting in different cities around the world in April or May in the forms of summits, special meetings and social actitivies to discuss major issues that capture attention of global tourism industry with the hope that an effective dialogue between decision-makers of public and private sectors will be achieved. Main participants of the summit include WTTC members, political figures of involving countries, leaders of tourism enterprises around the world, reknowned academic experts in tourism and world-known media.

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