In east Gansu, known as the "Small South of the Yangtze River," Tianshui is one of the major cities that offer itineraries for travel eastward. Its weather is pleasant with four distinct seasons. The city used to be a hub of the Silk Road, and is recognized as a national historical and cultural center. There are many interesting places, including some holy sites of the Silk Road, and scenic spots, such as Maljishan Grottoes, Fuxi Temple and Yuquan Taoist Temple.
Maijishan Grottoes
\They are situated 18.6 miles southeast of Tianshui. Due to the conical shape, like a stack of wheat, they were given the name Maijishan Grottoes. During the year 713-741, the central part of the cliff collapsed in an earthquake. As a result, it was divided into two parts. Within the 194 caves of the two parts, 7,200 clay sculptures and stone carvings have been preserved, along with more than one third of an acre of frescos.
Maijishan Mountain is a strange peak in the western Qinling Mountains. In autumn it is subjected to continual, fine rain, which creates the wonderful sight of "Maijishan Mountain shrouded by misty rain." It is rated as the best of the eight beautiful scenes in Tianshui.