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The 16th Cross-Straits Tourism Meeting Opens in Taiwan
2013-04-09 15:49:58

On March 29th, the 16th Cross-Straits Tourism Meeting was held in Miaoli County, Taiwan under the theme of Enhan...


On March 29th, the 16th Cross-Straits Tourism Meeting was held in Miaoli County, Taiwan under the theme of “Enhancing bilateral communication, Promoting Quality of Tourism”. Jointly hosted by the Association for Tourism Exchange Across the Taiwan Straits (ATETS) and Travel Agent Association of Taiwan, the meeting attracted over 700 representatives of the tourist industry across the Straits. At the event, a consensus was reached that the tourism exchange across the Strait should shift its focus from an increase in quantity to an improvement in quality.

Du Jiang, Deputy Chairman of China National Tourism Administration and Executive President of ATETS, and David Hsieh, Chairman of Taiwan Strait Tourism Association (TSTA) both addressed the event.

Summarizing the achievements made in cross-Straits exchange and cooperation over the past year, Du Jiang said that in 2012, a total of 7.92 million people traveled across the Straits, and 1.97 million of them were tourists from the mainland to Taiwan; individuals from Tianjin, Jinan and eight other cities were allowed to travel to Taiwan last year, and permission for individual tourists to travel to Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu islands were expanded from Fujian Province to the entire West-Taiwan Strait Economic Zone; 52 more travel agencies in the mainland were permitted to organize tourist groups to Taiwan, bringing the total number of such agencies to 216.

David Hsieh said that in order to ensure the quality of services for visitors from the mainland, the Taiwan side took various measures to encourage the industry to come up with quality routes, explore new tourist sites and in-depth tourist products, and conduct hotel ratings; by doing so, the Taiwan side wishes that more tourists from the mainland will have a fascinating experience in Taiwan, and win-win results will be achieved for both the industry and the consumers.

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