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CNTA Introduction
China National Tourism Administration(CNTA) is directly regulated by the State Council, responsible for developing, promoting and regulating China tourism industry.
The main responsibilities of CNTA are as follows:
1. Studying out guidelines, policies and plans for the tourism development; Working out the solutions to the important problems in the economic tourism operations; Drawing up the industry regulations, rules, and standards and supervising their implementation;
2. Coodinating the implementation of the related tourism policies to make sure the smooth development of tourism activities, especially in the fields of the Holiday Tourism, the Tourism Security, Tourism Emergency Assistance as well as Tourism Insurance;
3. Studying out strategy to explore and develop international tourism market; Organizing important promotions and publicizing the whole identity of the national tourism; Organizing and directing development of important tourism products;
4. Fostering and developing domestic tourism market; Studying out strategic measures and directing implementation; Supervising tourism market order and service quality; Handling the complaints of the tourists and Maintaining the rights and interests of tourism consumers;
5. Organizing investigation and evaluation of tourism resources; Directing planning and developing important tourism regions; Conducting tourism statistics;
6. Working out outbound tourism policies responsible for foreign and Hong Kong and Marco and Taiwan affairs; Guiding tourism communication and cooperation with other countries; Representing Chinese Government to sign the international tourism protocols; Studying out and supervising the implementation of the regulations and rules concerning outbound tourism and frontier tourism;
7. Directing tourism education and training; Studying out License System and Qualification Criteria System for tourism employees and implementation.
8. Directing local tourism authorities to develop regional tourism;
9. Being responsible for Party-masses relationship of CNTA and affiliated organizations; Directing and Conducting management of the affiliated organizations;
10. Carrying out other things issued by State Council.
CNTA has 7 departments: General Administration´╝łComprehensive Coordination Department´╝ë, Policy and Legal Department, Marketing & Communications Department, Industry Management Department, Planning and Finance Department, Human Resources Department and Office for the Retired.
CNTA has 6 affiliated organizations: CNTA Logistics Center, CNTA Information Center, China Tourism Association, China Tourism News, China Travel and Tourism Press, China Tourism Management Institute.
CNTA has set up 16 overseas representative offices in 13 important tourist generating countries and regions, they are: China National Tourism Administration Tokyo Office, Osaka Office, Singapore Office, Kathmandu Office, Seoul Office, New York Office, Los Angeles Office, Toronto Office, London Office, Paris Office, zurich Office, Madrid Office, Zurich Office, Sydney Office, Moscow Office and Asia Tourism Exchange Center Limited in Hong Kong.